Integrated Solutions Group, Inc. (ISG) Washington Lobbying and Government Relations Firm

Integrated Solutions Group, Inc. is a full service government relations firm in Washington D.C. Our lobbyists work on behalf of a wide range of clients and industries. At Integrated Solutions Group (ISG) we have the resources and experience necessary to successfully navigate the complex lobbying world of Washington DC. Our consulting and lobbying services have brought our clients success time and time again.

In today’s highly competitive and advanced technological world, businesses and public sector groups need access to a combination of resources: experienced advocates, access to key decision makers, timely and accurate information, the ability to connect to powerful coalitions, and the capacity to stimulate grassroots support. At ISG we take great pride in our ability to deliver these resources and to serve as a one-stop-shop for organizations looking for comprehensive and top quality advocacy and information services.

Our lobbying services include advocacy before the House and Senate Leaders, as well as other government bodies. We facilitate meetings, develop strategies and implement your a communications plan in a manner that is efficient and professional. We consult on issues ranging from clean and alternative energies to trade policies, patents and new technologies, and more.

Integrated Solutions Group, Inc. is led by a core team of lobbying and business professionals with backgrounds in public policy, business management, legal services, and technology and information services. The team includes members who have served as advocates for some of the nation’s largest business and public sector organizations, in addition to having formerly held leadership staff positions in the Congress.

Accordingly, ISG clients are assured to quality representation by persons with considerable knowledge of the inner workings of the House and Senate and the strategies critical to successful legislative advocacy. At ISG our clients’ goals are our mission. Every ISG client has access to the best resources and the highest quality services.

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