ISG Success Stories

Integrated Solutions Group, Inc. (ISG) has had the privilege of successfully representing corporations and organizations from all across the country on a variety of lobbying and advocacy issues. From airline mergers to issues of medical safety, here are just a few of their stories.

» US Air Merger Attempt with Delta Air Lines
» Asbestos Trust Fund
» Terrorism Risk Insurance
» Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
» CMS Rate Reduction for MMO
» Theragenics Corporation

US Air Merger Attempt with Delta Air Lines

  • Hired by Delta to build opposition to the proposed US Air and Delta Air Lines merger
  • Pulled together Members of Congress, consumer groups, unions, state and local officials and local employees to actively oppose the US Air takeover of Delta Air Lines
  • Led the effort to urge Members of Congress to hold hearings questioning the potential harmful impact of the merger on the marketplace, spearheaded a letter writing campaign to the Department of Justice and PBGC calling into question the adverse market implications
  • ISG won, and US Air withdrew its offer - a huge victory for Delta Air Lines

Asbestos Trust Fund

  • Hired to defeat legislation to create a national trust fund for asbestos companies
  • Legislation was backed by some of the largest manufacturing businesses in the country and the top Leadership in the Congress and White House (President Bush made it a priority)
  • Expected by Congress of both parties and in the Washington lobbying arena that the legislation would pass
  • Established a diverse oppositional coalition of groups from the financial service, manufacturing, legal and public interest sectors
  • Executed a flawless campaign to develop effective counter strategies to the legislation’s proponents
  • ISG won, and the legislation was defeated

Terrorism Risk Insurance

  • Clark & Weinstock is a consulting group for the Coalition to Insure Against Terrorism (CIAT) - a wide range of businesses and organizations throughout the transportation, real estate, manufacturing, construction, entertainment and retail sectors
  • Ran a comprehensive campaign for the coalition to win passage of a terrorism insurance plan on Capitol Hill
  • Group continues to monitor the implementation of The Terrorism Risk Protection Act of 2002

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

  • ISG served as the chief lobbyists for the Financial Services Roundtable in their quest to secure permanent extension of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • Utilizing our vast network in both the House and Senate, ISG worked extensively with the Treasury Department and other Administration officials to block Congress’ efforts to apply new privacy regulations on financial services institutions and their affiliates

CMS Rate Reduction for MMO

  • Hired by Medical Management Options (MMO), a premier provider of behavioral healthcare services throughout Louisiana, to prevent CMS from reducing their reimbursement rates
  • Pulled together Members of Congress who sit on key committees and Administration officials who have jurisdiction over CMS funding, and educated them on the impact these cuts would have on mental health services
  • ISG won, and CMS decided to reduce mental health services’ rates by 5% rather than the proposed 15%.

Theragenics Corporation

  • Theragenics Corporation manufactures “TheraSeed,” a life-saving product that is used in prostate brachytherapy, a cancer therapy that offers individuals with prostate cancer an effective treatment with lower risks of potentially devastating side effects than the leading clinical alternatives.
  • Theragenics is the only U.S. company to produce the Palladium-103 seed for prostate brachytherapy. The rest of the U.S. manufacturers produce Iodine-125 seeds, which contain a less expensive isotope.
  • In the 2002 Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System (HOPPS), CMS bundled the payment for brachytherapy device costs at the end of the transitional pass-through period under HOPPS and did not distinguish the difference between the Iodine-125 seed and the Palladium—103 seed.
  • ISG developed a strategy to differentiate Theragenics’ product and was successful in moving CMS in the right direction with their final rule.